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November 5 - December 19, celebrating the 90th anniversary of The Dailes Theatre will be several exhibitions devoted to one of the most significant and outstanding Latvian Modernist architect Marta Staņa. 

Main Exposition: Behind the Curtain. Architect Marta Staņa
Feminist retrospective on the architecture and architectural criticism of the Soviet Latvia, 50th - 60th years of the 20th century.

Exposition: Post-war modernist ideas in the context of contemporary criticism
Satellite-exposition – visual and verbal criticism of Marta Staņa’s four projects with major social impact.

Participants: MADE architects, NRJA, Jaunromāns and Ābele, MARK.

Exhibition curator: Ieva Zībārte

Where: kim?, 12 / 1 Maskavas Street, Riga

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Riga City Office of the General Plan in 1962 completed Lenin street (now – Brivibas street) reconstruction project. Lenin street reconstruction project near the new Daile Theatre building proposed 12-storey administrative building. In 1965 Daile Theatre Project was confirmed.  In 1977 it is completed. *

In 1976, according to architect Marta Stana sketches a 19 storey high free-standing administrative building construction has started. Building construction is completed in 10 years - in 1986. Official position of the building is quite positive, some architectural critics have even compared with Mies van der Rohe creativity. Most of the space for a long time is occupied by Sojuzplodimport administration.
Riga Historic Centre in 1997 was included in UNESCO World Heritage List, stressing that the historical center with its rather untouched medieval and later urban structure, art nouveau architecture and the quality of 19th century wooden architecture is a unique value, which has no similar examples in the rest of the world.
In 2011 some radically minded historical heritage preservation activist groups, with support from potential land developers, launched a campaign against the existence of administrative building because of its degradation in environment and urban landscape.
According to the UNESCO decision WHC-10/34.COM/33X ratified by the Riga City Construction Board in 2012, building demolition work started. October 7, 2013 demolition of the building is completed. **

* Documentary facts.

** Pseudo documental facts.

Exposition @ KIM? (photo: Māris Lapiņš)





September 28, 1978



August 23, 1989
October 7, 2013,  according to the UNESCO decision WHC-10/34.COM/33X demolition of the building is completed.


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