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PechaKucha / Experiment&Excellence (vol.16)

July 23, at 12 PM, in CESIS ART FESTIVAL  

NRJA: Excellence is created by experiment 


All the creative work done by architects is an experiment, so everything is order with our creativeness. That could easily be an end to this story. Or it could be continues for a few hours.

Experiments at our field differ a lot and this will be a try to group them.


EXPERIMENTS WITH FORM: Conceptual design for development of a new business area in Riga Skanstes street was created out of a model built from lego blocks. At the moment planning proposal is approved and the first building already erected - building of the Nord bank.



Experiments with interrelation of new and old. What to do with remains of old stone walls in the middle of nowhere? Order them to work hard and bear all the new roof structure or treat them with respect and perceive as a landmark.

House of Ruins - in this case we choose to fortify the old structure  and to build the new one as completely transparent volume, this way linking and creating a contrast between old and new at the same time.



Experiments with material and organic form.  How glue changes between two planes if we try to move them further from each other.

The same principle is used in this model as connections of functions in atrium of the hotel. Zip Hotel in Riga - we won that competition, as for now construction is put on hold.



Experiments with allowed / not allowed. this is the building of a competition model for annex of Latvian National Art Museum. Obviously we think that it’s stupid to hide all this new volume underground.

Our proposal Restart intended to build a strain of new galleries, incorporating them in the relief of adjacent park, as well as creating new museum plaza and contemporary entrance to the galleries. Museums have to change along with the people, otherwise they are meant for a doom.



Experiments with a huge volumes. this time it being the total area of 100 000 square meters  of Z-Towers. Building of the model and experiments with external illumination of the building.

Experiment is continued on site - this is the view from the last night, as for now there are 4 underground levels and 5 levels above the ground, 28 levels to go. 


Experiment with the scale of the city. This is an arrangement of the highrise models at the left bank of Daugava river. We participate. Z-Towers in the left corner.



Experiments with the Future. I build this city for you - children were building the model of the Future City that was planned around the core of vertical communications. Perception of the children as what the city must contain differs slightly.

Flying city - continuation of an experiment, created by children. Working model was 26m long , through two working rooms



Experiment - interrelation of architecture and arts. Identification sign of each of 10 summer houses on the coast of Baltic sea is artwork sketch of Latvian artist Ilmārs Blumbergs for Wagner Opera trilogy.

Experiment continues all night long. Architecture disappears at the night time, only the big scale artwork stays illuminated in the middle of nowhere.



Exper iment with the color. I was accentuating some detail in facade of Court building in Riga project with a luminiscent marker. It was perceived literary and we got a building with a yellow glazing in the staircase.


Experiments with technologies. Just Green project - office building in Ķīpsala. An attempt to create self sufficient and sustainable building in the place where there is no any electrical and plumbing systems


Experiments with Client’s patience and checking borders of his perception. Housing project B200. lot of versions.


Experiments with ourselves.If you can’t solve a problem, it’s because you ‘re playing by the rules.


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